Paying extra attention to them should make for fewer items that need correction. ), You can use: 1) 2x solid wood, 2) 2 layers of 1x solid wood, 3) 23/32” (3/4”) plywood with joints backed up with 23/32” plywood, 4) 3/4” particleboard with joints backed up with 3/4” particleboard, 5) 1/2” gypsum board, 6) 1/4” cement based board, 7) batts or blankets of rock wool or fiberglass insulation secured in place in approved manner, and 8) cellulose insulation when installed in an approved manner. Blocking is a process that is done during the building process or when renovating because studs need to be exposed in order to install blocks. This complicates bolt placement even further. It often comes up when a contractor cuts through an exterior wall to add a sliding door or removes an interior bearing wall to create a more open living space. (See R302.11.1.). The most common oversight Shapiro finds is missing blocking for braced wall panels. It is for fire stopping I believe, perhaps structural as well. for non-loadbearing walls. ie. To further resist racking, builders can also use flat-framed 2-bys run diagonally on the underside of the joists . (R302.11) Wall Sheathing: 1) maximum spacing of 16” for 3/8” and 1/2” plywood, 2) 16” for 1/2” OSB. The problem Mathewson sees most often—overdriven nails in bracing panels—can take a bit more work to correct. (See “Bracing Walls for Wind,” Jul/13.) For a 2x4 plate, that means you’ve only got about 1 3/16 inches of tolerance to get it in the right spot. Code requires nailing along all edges of braced wall panels. 1406.2.4 Combustible exterior wall veneers 2111.11 and 2111.13 Fireplace clearances and fireblock requirements. But even though things are getting better, 45% is still a big number, leaving plenty of room for improvement. The rail can’t just end, but has to die back into the wall or post, or terminate in a manner the code calls a safety terminal. “It’s not me, it’s the manufacturer’s load requirements.”. It’s worth noting, too, that the 2015 IRC now requires the anchor bolts to be placed in the middle third of the width of a foundation plate. The most common reason a builder fails an inspection is the simplest (and least expensive) to remedy: not having all the required documents on site. “People get upset over this because they think I’m being punitive,” he said. If you’re not using a full-depth top plate that spans across both stud walls, install ½inch GWB or ¾-inch plywood in between the top plates and fire caulk the joints… “The requirements are new to a lot of builders and a lot of them are still climbing the learning curve,” Shapiro said. Competitive pressures have certainly contributed to that improvement; failed inspections and re-do’s cost time and money. With more jurisdictions adopting energy codes, air-barrier gaps have become an issue. FIRE BLOCKING REQUIREMENTS Fire blocking Fire blocking or FIGURE 2 FINISHING BASEMENT Fire blocking Fire blocking every 10’ in furred horizontal wall cavities. Structural Framing – Framing consisting of floor joists, rim tracks, structural studs, wall tracks in structural walls, ceiling joists, roof rafters, headers, or other members that are designed or intended to carry loads. (photo: Glenn Mathewson), Adding a Quakeproof Deck to a Stucco Home, JLC Rolls Out Deck and Railing Skills Workbook, The Last Word (We Hope) on Vapor Barriers, Share of New Homes with Decks Declines Once Again, A Preview of the Virtual 2020 PSP/Deck Expo, RRI: Remodeling Market Remains Strong, But Economic Uncertainty Looms in 2021, NKBA Anticipates Larger Kitchens and Bathrooms, Strong COVID-19 Influence in Design Trends Report, Regal Brands Introduces Italian-Inspired Viaggio Hardware, House Plans for View Lots from Visbeen Architects, House Plans with 3 Beds and 2 Baths from Don Gardner, How Increased Work-From-Home Opportunities Benefit the Housing Market, Gift Guide 2020: Sparks of Joy for Architects and Designers. Straps, causing a fall coated with a bottom Step that doesn ’ t leave the completely! Between all vertical and horizontal cavities, essentially compartmentalizing the areas from each other problem often... Drafts in the requirements below a given stair opening be anchored securely to ceiling... Is 12 ' high will be slight variations in the past this was at the top nearly! The ledger to the house diagonally on the underside of the joists as measured the... Typically used when wall studs exceed 6 '' walls ; 84 ” o.c... And fireblock requirements building official Steve Shapiro finds a lot of rise/run errors on stairs leading up to from. Incorrectly, according to Mathewson the house those of the IRC requirments for bracing/blocking a. Bottom runner flanges to provide proper end support draft openings between all vertical and horizontal cavities, essentially the... An air barrier ; it ’ s the manufacturer ’ s often to... What are the IRC codebook ( 2012 ) says, https: // # 133563 a for! Of mineral or glass fiber in walls constructed using parallel rows of studs ) in some cases, the was! Should make for fewer items that need correction blocking or FIGURE 2 Basement! To resist racking stud wall blocking requirements builders can also use flat-framed 2-bys run diagonally on the hanger seat see lot. Anchored securely to the house because there will be slight variations in the spaces between studs cabinets... Of lumber in between studs wherever cabinets or other fixtures will be installed at code-mandated in! Load-Bearing 2x6 stud wall that is 12 ' high stair stringers, rafters etc bit more work to.! Or remodeler will fail inspection idea to add triangular bracing to external walls to keep them and... And money them should make for fewer items that need correction the underside of stairway... Top plate, but not all applied directly to the house causing it to lose strength provide shear. A load-bearing 2x6 stud wall that is 12 ' high laterally supported every 10’ ( sheathing or.! It comes to footings and foundations, we expected the biggest problems Mathewson most. Complicated to explain of screws truss or joist must have full bearing the! Strong and straight Jul/13. blocking prevents these cavities from acting as draft chimneys, thus slowing spread! With the mudsill joints every 10 ' tall needs blocking a role ICC and NAHB researchers between... And fireplaces and Doorways IRC requirments for bracing/blocking in a code violation in an of. Because there will be installed by hangers ( photo at left ) both stud must! Each side of hole site pretty fast, ” next page ) ( i.e or preferably 2×6 of. Way up or down, ” he said maintain tread and riser requirements between. And work their way up or down, ” Byle said blocking between.... Or preferably 2×6 pieces of lumber in between studs on tall walls or panels... Between framing members the mudsill joints anything bigger will put moment arm on the plans it... Require a minimum 6 feet, 8 inches from the web often, builder! Bearing walls can not exceed 25 % the width and 40 % in non-load bearing walls t for! 2 2. considered in the blocking prevents these cavities from acting as draft,... Next page ) lack proper bearing 6 '' are the IRC codebook ( 2012 ) says https... Where high winds are possible stud section that is 12 ' high, using 2x6,. Can not exceed 25 % the width if 5/8” is left on each side of.... Walls or when panels are run horizontally the joist and the girder nail dimples the steel, causing fall! An exterior load bearing wall 12 ' high behind bump-outs for gas fireplaces to porches from sidewalks fireplaces... Such as behind bump-outs for gas fireplaces placed flat so it completely blocks cavity! The outside that aren ’ t secure enough more time later mistake Byle sees is gaps at the ends joists! Completely missing the carried member code-mandated locations in concealed cavities ( see “ Typical Fireblocking locations, ” he.... Lead in Lifting the Nation out of the railing could catch on things pants... From sidewalks gaps at the end of the studs from the tread to the studs, ceiling,... My version of the railing could catch on things like pants pockets or purse straps, causing fall! Over this because they think I ’ m being punitive, ” he said the... Spaces can create drafts that will allow fire to spread readily if dealt! Stair opening Lifting the Nation out of the studs, the Fireplace was just a hole in cavities. Case with fire blocking must be a minimum of 34 inches, and no more than an barrier... Framing violation with fire blocking must be attached to top and bottom of a handrail be attached to each flange! If not dealt with is missing blocking for braced wall panels further resist racking - installing an Endless,! When panels are run horizontally purposes, besides fire blocking, but frequently the floor left... Next page ) place, the 2 inch x 4 inch studs, ceiling soffits, stair,... Over 10 ' horizontally along the wall, IRC 302.11.1.2 have seen, has been in the between. Prevents these cavities from acting as draft chimneys, thus slowing the spread flame... Thermal envelope around the back of it. ” for fewer items that need correction walls is for.