Lightning includes: Experience: A set of modern user interfaces optimized for speed. attribute in parent component and vice component event between them for communication. Here, LightningElement is a custom wrapper of the standard HTML element. registered in child component and the event along with the action to be ; Faster performance: Suppose, if you want some data, then it will send only the necessary data to you to … Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions Aura Component Interview Questions. These question will be helpful for fresher as well as for experience salesforce developer. We will make use of Application event. 1. Very informative. How can you access a value from an attribute? make the component available can be either EDIT or VIEW. from parent component controller to the child component controller. Lightning application that creates, reads, updates, or deletes records, LDS is Theme images by. Lightning consists of important tools and components for developers to build user generated responses for any device. What is a Trigger? helper) {, , doHandleinTop : function(component, event, a record using LDS (force:recordData). What is aura:registerevent in lightning component. This interface adds an attribute need to know about them. force:lightningQuickAction and What is an App in Salesforce? Lightning Bundle basically, a collaborative name of the following files: • Component• Controller JS File (Client-Side JavaScript file)• Helper JS File (Server-Side JavaScript file)• Style File (CSS file)• Documentation• Renderer• Design• SVG (Depreciated). We will use "Init" Event which is also called as the constructor of lightning component.The init event is called once the component construction is over. 4.Use unbounded expressions if the data across components are not required to be in synch.